New Patient Information

The Chiropractic adjustment is the heart and soul of what we do here in the office. 

You will receive an adjustment on your first visit.

Here are the forms you will need to fill out prior to your initial visit with Dr. Heller.  You can, of course, fill them out in our office, or you can print them and fill them out before you come to the office to save time.

Your first visit with Dr. Heller will include a review the forms, an in-depth consultation, and an examination.  The exam will include sEMG testing (non-invasive, computerized spinal testing), ranges of motion evaluations, reflexes, and spinal palpation.

If your condition can be helped by Chiropractic, we’ll tell you and if it can’t, we’ll tell you that too.

Schedule an Appointment

Beginning Monday

April 6th

Mon / Wed / Fri 

10 AM - 1 PM


2 PM - 6 PM

and in effect until further notice

I have been to chiropractors since 13 years old, my cousin was a chiropractor.  I  have been to at least two bad ones in my life.  Dr Heller is top of the line. You will not be disappointed.   Very gentle, but gets the adjustment done, uses  heat and massage before adjustment which is very helpful.   Bob S.


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