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You can call us - 212.243.6384
stop by the office - 1231 West 21 Street, NY, NY, 
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I am so lucky to have Dr. Heller in my neighborhood.  But his caring professional adjustments and other health related modalities are well worth the trip from anywhere.  His staff is kind and helpful. His demeanor is friendly and he always makes you feel that he has time for you.  He makes himself available should you have an emergency.  One could not ask for more from a health care professional.  Dr. Jay, you rock!   WJ Kiritz

Dr. Heller is an essential part of my fitness routine!  I began seeing him when a bad fall left me with severe neck pain and vertigo.  Since then he has treated almost every physical ailment that I have with a variety of techniques.  We began with adjustments to relieve my neck and upper back pain ... the results are simply fantastic.  After he fixed by back and neck he began using Cold Laser to treat the torn ligaments in my ankle.  I have felt significant pain relief and improvement with the Cold Laser, and even convinced my husband to try it on his arthritic knees.  Elena G.


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